Dog Poo Disposal Bin

Dr Price Pooper's Excellent Excrement Collection will take the load off your lawn with the use of  our simple, effective, dog poo disposal bin.

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 Just place Dog Poo Disposal bin in a dry, well ventilated space. Collect the dog poo at least once a week.

 Place the Biobag of dog poo and DooDust in a discreet, designated spot under a bush, put it out with the non-recyclable   waste or bury it.

 It is wise to avoid putting the full Biobag  in a compost bin if the compost will be placed on a vegetable garden growing food for human consumption.


The Biobag.

Made from cornstarch, the Biobags "breathe" and allow aerobic decomposition. Biobags remain strong for up to two weeks. The biobag becomes transparent ,stretchy and weakened over time.

Just simply place the Biobag inside the Dog Poo Disposal Bin. It folds over the edge of the box and can be held in position by tucking it into the two cutouts on opposite corners.

The Dog Doo Dust.Dog Poo disposal Bin

The custom-designed totally natural DooDust is designed to absorb moisture, kill pathogens and remove odour. It has active enzymes added to speed up the decomposition of the poo.

Dr Price Pooper's Excellent Excrement Collection, creating healthy new habits, for the dog owners!

The Dog Poo Disposal Bin Kit includes enough Dog Doo Dust for 42 applications, plus 40 Biobags, one per week on average. it is made from 100% recycled cardboard, Compostable cornstarch Biobags and recycled and recyclable plastic handle.

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Disbin donates $5.90 to WSPA for each one of the dog poo disposal bin sold