What are two things common to all women?

common to all women


What do you think are the two things common to all women?

I was told these two things are common to all women – guilt and menstruation.

It was meant as a joke, but it's really pretty true, these two things are common to all women.

Women can feel guilty about lots of things. I know I do/did.For example I use to feel guilty for being a working Mum, and then I'd feel guilty for being a stay at home Mum, taking time to chat with friends and enjoy my kids. I never felt I was doing enough.

We feel guilty for not doing enough to look after ourselves, and then we feel guilty for taking time for ourselves.

There are so many conflicting emotions, and then you also have to make allowances for PMT.

PMT? Well that's a whole other subject.

So what is the most important thing a woman can have? I think it's self esteem.

We need to do things that make us feel good about ourselves.
Self esteem is about being able to manage yourself. It's about not being ashamed.

To my mind, that's what a sanitary bin is all about, it's about not feeling shame, and not feeling guilty.

Not guilty about flushing sanitary waste, having somewhere to put it, and being able to conceal what can be a big embarrassment to a woman.

Is that important? In a small way, I think it is very significant.

One of the reasons I say that, is that I know girls in some countries stay home from school when they have their periods, because they can't manage them. The school hasn't provided a sanitary bin, they have nowhere to put their waste. Consequently, the girls stay home, and miss maybe three days of school per month. That's a lot of learning. That means they don't get to reach their full potential.

So that's where I'm coming from, that's why there is a Disbin disposable sanitary bin. It's about answering a basic need common to all women, Period