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Eco-friendly, low cost, biodegradable sanitary waste disposal bins are a specialty of Disbin.

Sanitary Waste Disposal BinsThe Disbin 6 litre and 12 litre sanitary waste disposal bins are an environmentally friendly, disposable waste system for sanitary and personal waste, including sticking plasters, panty-liners, baby wipes, cotton swabs, tissues incontinence pads and condoms.

The Disbin sanitary disposal unit uses an internal chute to dispatch and conceal its contents.

It comes with a commercial strength sanitiser, effective for one month and longer.

The waste disposal bins can hang on the wall on a custom designed discreet plastic wall clip. It can also sit on a dry floor if you prefer. Hanging the waste disposal bins on the wall makes it more accessable and much easier to clean the floor.

These sanitary waste disposal bins are fully biodegradable and compostable They are made from 80% recycled materials.

This is a low carbon footprint alternative to over-priced commercial sanitary waste disposal bins. There are no contracts, order as many as you need.

  •     An affordable, sustainable, low carbon footprint alternative to chemical-based or plastic liner bins
  •     No plastic bag liner so no additional plastic to landfill
  •     Protects users against costly sewer blockages
  •     Commercial grade deodoriser meeting Health Department requirements
  •     Does not smell, spill or attract vermin
  •     Available in the Disbin water-mark blue
  •     Commercial-sized 12 litre wall-hung model ideal for businesses, churches etc. with a  custom made wall-clip.
  •     Reduces waterand toilet paper consumption


The Sanitary Waste Disposal Bins will be posted to you flat-packed


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6 Litre Model

Larger Commercial Model