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Where did the concept for Disbin Disposable Sanitary Bins and Waste Bins originate from? 

Disposable Waste BinsHelen Mays saw a gap in the market between commercial sanitary bins and a domestic or self-managed sanitary bin. She wanted something that fitted with New Zealand's environmentally clean, green image.

From Helen's research emerged  the DisBin. A discreet, convenient disposable waste bins for sanitary and personal waste (cotton buds, wipes, medical waste, incontinence products, condoms etc).

The DisBin is made from recycled cardboard and features is printed with natural vegetable dyes. There is potential for the design to be personalised with logos and company colours. The bin has a water repellant coating inside and can sit on a dry floor or hang on the wall on the custom designed Disbin wall clip.

It comes with a sachet of commercial strength sanitiser and has an internal chute to conceal the contents. There are currently two modelsof the Disposable Waste Bins – a six-litre for and a 12 litre bin, suitable for commercial premises. The whole bin comes in a fold-down pack and is easy to assemble with instructions on the base. Each bin lasts a month and longer and when full, it can be disposed of as normal non-recyclable household rubbish.

The smaller six litre Disbin sanitary bin measures 60x60x310mm.

The 12 Litre bin is 300 wide, 80mm deep and 360mm tall. It sits easily into the conventional gap between the toilet and the toilet wall.

What about the other Disbin disposable bins?

The Disbin sanitary bins, food waste bins, nappy bins, recycling bins and the Disbin sanitary bags and sanitary bag holder are all made from recycled cardboardor paper and provide a low carbon footprint.

If you are wanting to "green" up your business. This is an excellent place to start!

How to green up your business. Use Disbin products.


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The Disbin Disposable Waste Bins will naturally break-down in the landfill