Disposable Sanitary Bins

Disposable Sanitary Bins

Disbin Disposable Sanitary Bins perform a valuable function in the workplace and at home. There are two sizes, a smaller six litre sanitary bin and a larger commercial sized 12 litre sanitary bin.


Disposable sanitary bins with a proper sanitiser mean there’s no need to flush sanitary or personal waste. This reduces the risk of costly blockages.

Using Disbin disposable sanitary bins means there are no expensive and binding contracts, foisted on you by pesky overly-zealous commercial sanitary bin companies

The eco-friendly Disbin disposable sanitary bins will last without odour, for two months or longer – usually until they are full. They can then be put out with other non-recyclable waste for collection for either landfill disposal, or ideally, HotRot composting.

Using the Disposable Sanitary Bins is a huge environmental tick for any company, school or institution.  All enviro-conscious organisations should be using a low carbon solution for the disposal of sanitary waste.

Disbin provides affordable sanitary disposal. Under the Human Resource Act, schools and employers are expected to provide some form of disposal for sanitary waste. Disbins Disposable Sanitary Bins can be managed by the contract or in-house cleaner, keeping costs to a minimum  without any expensive and binding contracts. As staff, employee or guest numbers change, the Disposable Sanitary Bins can be removed or relocated as needed. The powerful sanitiser destroys pathogens and prevents odour.

Disbins Disposable Saniatry Bins are low cost, and have an exceptionally low carbon footprint. They are made from recycled cardboard and will break down in a landfill. They can also be composted in a commercial composter such as the HotRot composter.

Disbins are also perfect for remote locations such as country schools and country towns where distance pushes up commercial disposal costs.

Disposable Sanitary Bins Disbin 12 litre sanitary bin

  The 12-litre Disposable Sanitary Bins are excellent for use in schools, offices, churches,  private homes, for those     with special needs and in aged care facilities.

The Disbin sanitary bin maintains discreet, odour-free disposal for medical bandages,dressings and incontinence pads.

The Disbin comes flat-packed, with an individual sachet of Saniquills commercial strength sanitiser per Disbin. The internal chute on the Disbin conceals the contents. The full Disbin can go into the council rubbish bag, or a skip bin.

All sanitary waste goes to landfill. Using a Disbin eliminates the multiple plastic wrapping that usually accompanies it.

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Disbin disposable sanitary bins are a sensible, low cost way of coping with sanitary and personal waste