Food Waste Bins

The Disbin disposable, eco-friendly food waste bin is a low-cost, low carbon footprint alternative to solving many of today's food waste disposal problems.

food waste bin,Disbin, eco-friendly, disposable,Collecting food waste in a commercial setting has many problems which include:

  • The high cost and inconvenience of washing bins between uses.
  • The expense of transporting and maintaining the plastic bins and the collection vehicles
  • The cost of disposal or processing of food waste.

The Disbin food waste bin and lid is made from recycled cardboard.  

The Disbin food waste bin is compostable or recyclable at the end of its life. The recycled cardboard is sturdy and hardwearing. It will last for several months if kept on a dry floor.

The Biobag inside the Disbin food waste bin can be replaced once or twice weekly, or as required. The Biobags are made from cornstarch and they are like human skin. The Biobag “breathes” allowing the food waste to break down aerobically inside.  There is little or no odour, as aerobic decomposition isn’t smelly.

The Biobag is lifted out and changed each time, so there is nothing to wash. The Biobag can hold up to 30-litres of food waste.

The Disbin food waste bin is made from recycled cardboard come in two sizes, small and large. The small food waste bin is 200x200x300. The larger food waste bin is 250x250x400.

Disbin food waste bins are being used on Massey University campuses in Palmerston North and Auckland. This is a practical, manageable, low-cost solution for separating organic material ‘at source’. This prevents the contamination of other recyclable waste and has made food waste collection possible for the very first time. The food waste bin and lid are easily constructed and installed. The Biobags are bought by the roll. The lid has a handle. Evrything is recyclable.

The Disbin Kitchen Waste Bin makes it possible to collect food waste in a time and water saving manner, without any washing or chemicals, and provides altogether a much lower carbon footprint than an alternative commercial system.

As trialled at Massey University and  embraced by the Regional Facilities Manager.

"It hasn't been possible to economically collect food waste before, but the Disbin kitchen waste bin has really got people involved and cooperating, they're happy to help remove food waste from the waste stream. Now it can be collected and composted on site, it's a real breakthrough."

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We were all amazed at the amount of food waste being gathered during the trials, and the results have been incredibly satisfying. People want to recycle and will make the effort if you make it simple. The Disbin eco-friendly, disposable food waste bin does this!