Sanitary Bag Holder

The Disbin cardboard sanitary bag holder.

Disbin custom designed Sanitary Bag HolderThe eco-friendly holder for Disbin sanitary bags

The recycled cardboard sanitary bag holder is purpose made for holding up to 20 bags at a time. We suggest keeping just a minimum number in the cardholder and topping it up daily as required. The Disbin sanitary bag holder can sit on the cistern and be held firm by a velcro dot or Blue Tack. It can also be positioned on the wall, on the wash stand or in a cupboard under the bathroom sink.

There is room to place a business card sized greeting on the front of the Disbin sanitary bag holder. This could promote the premises, be a welcome greeting, or have additional information such as "Please don't flush sanitary waste, use the bags provided."

The Disbin sanitary bags and sanitary bag holder are a very low cost way of managing sanitary waste. It has proved very effective for Backpackers, homestays, private domestic use, and in eco-friendly "green" accommodation.

Our customers order the sanitary bags in lots as small as 50, 100, 200,and also in the thousands. It is common to order a sanitary bin holder for each toilet stall.

Postage for sanitary bags and holders is relatively low within New Zealand. Up to 100 Disbin sanitary bags can be posted for $3.50.


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