Disbin Disposable Bin Testimonials

The following are a selection of  testimonials received by Disbin in support of their products:

My name is Jane Fletcher and I live in rental accommodation in Palmerston North  with my two teenage daughters, aged 20 and 18.

We have been using the 12 litre Disbin in our rental accommodation for several years and have found having a Disbin in the toilet invaluable.

We have never had a blocked toilet, always have somewhere  to safely put our personal waste and we all enjoy the privacy the Disbin offers to not just ourselves, but our many female guests also.

Frankly, I don’t know how we have managed without a Disbin before this,  it provides such simple, odour-free privacy for us all

 I’m sure the landlord would also be pleased.


Jane Fletcher


Press Release – 21-05-10

Massey University finds solution to disposal of food waste.

Massey University has recently completed trialling a unique product for collecting and processing food waste on campus, at Palmerston North New Zealand.

The locally designed kitchen waste bin is made from 100% recycled cardboard and has a cornstarch bag liner. The kitchen waste bin was installed in staff rooms and common rooms throughout the university over a six-week period. The cornstarch liner was removed and weighed twice weekly. As the food waste collection rapidly increased in volume, larger bins were installed in the busier common rooms and staff rooms to accommodate the amount of food waste being deposited.

“The cornstarch bag breathes allowing the food to dehydrate,” says Massey University Regional Facilities Manager Ken McEwen.

“The food waste begins to break down aerobically in the bag, without any bad odour and there is no need for washing or transporting any bins.”

He says the trials have exceeded expectations and he has been overwhelmed with the positive response from Massey students and staff.

"The general acceptance of such a simple yet effective method for collecting food waste can make huge changes for Massey University. Separating food waste from the waste stream has proved problematic, but this solution from local company Disbin Limited offers a whole new perspective and a water free solution.”

Mr McEwen has received dozens of positive phone calls, emails and personal comments about the food waste trial since trials began.
“What we now have is a low cost, low carbon method of preventing food contamination in recyclable waste,” says Mr McEwen. He says the water savings from not having to wash waste bins is another bonus.

Regional Facilities Management needed to measure the volumes of food waste currently going to landfill in the general waste, before setting up a composting programme on campus.

"By adding Massey campus green waste and paper towels to the food waste collected, we are now able to produce quality compost to return to our own gardens."

Plans for a commercial composter or worm farm are now being considered as currently the food waste collected on campus goes to a city council composting plant. 


Testimonial for the Disbin 12 litre disposable sanitary bins, trialed at Massey University's  highest use, 24 hour computer suite toilets.  Testimonial provided by Stewart Davies, Regional Facilities Manager Massey University 2007

 This is to confirm that Massey have been conducting a trial of the disbin sanitary bins at our Campus Here in Palmerston North.  This trial has been conducted by our cleaning contractor Spotless services. I am informed that they are very happy with the product and it meets everything that has been said about it. I am happy to extend the trial on the basis that the units are transported separately for disposal purposes. The cleaning contract comes up for retender in 2009 and I will be including this as part of the specification.

Stewart Davies

Venue Manager

RFM Massey University Palmerston North


Hi Helen

I will jot down the facts so that you are able to use the information quickly.  Please use the following data as you will.

In the 03/04 financial year, Square Edge paid $660 ex gst to a company to provide sanitary bin services for approximately half of our women's toilets.  This provided a monthly empty and clean of the bin whether we required it or not.  Not all toilets were serviced at our request.

The urinals were serviced at the same time, and pushed the price up to double this, but for ease of comparison, I have not included those figures here.

Since moving to the DisBin product, Square Edge has reduced this cost to $230 ex gst per financial year (one order lasts 18 months) and has increased the coverage to all women's and disabled toilets as well as supplying a number of samples to various tenants.

We have been impressed with the product on both an economic and environmental front.  We use as much product as we require – we do not pay for services that we do not need, as only the filled up bins are discarded.

The reduction in energy expenditure has been an important consideration

The DisBins do not smell, even though some may sit for months while they are filled up.

Our building has 50 rooms for let and we run at an 85% occupancy rate.  Several tenants have toilet facilities within their rooms but the common area toilets are able to be publicly accessed with the ground floor toilets being well recognised as public loos.

Tenant profiles vary from administration and office space through to studio, performance and retail premises.


With regards,


Alice Wilde


Square Edge Creative Centre

PO Box 1478

Palmerston North

06 357 7542

Square Edge was paying $7920 per year for sanitary bins.

They now order 300 Disbins that may last up to 18 months, at a total cost of $2400 ex gst.

The cleaner installs and removes the Disbins when they are full.

The Disbins are placed in the skip bin and removed to landfill, where all sanitary waste goes.

Using a Disbin means sanitary waste isn’t wrapped in multiple layers of plastic bags.